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Travel&Risk offers travel safety training for companies and NGOs whose employees travel outside of Europe and North America. Our open courses are adapted to each person’s risk profile through modular courses which equip each traveler according to needs ranging from regular travel safety to HEAT – High-Risk environmental Awareness Training.

We also offer customized courses and travel advice to small and medium-sized companies and organizations. No matter what the risk level is, Travel&Risk aim at creating a security-oriented, realistic, analytical mindset in the traveler without generating unnecessary fears and concerns.




Our courses create raised awareness on travel safety for all who travel outside of Europe and North America. Basic understanding of risk analysis is a key element of our courses.


We take pride in helping you increase your travel safety by creating concrete and relevant learning directly related to your travel activities. We create a change in your behavior which, in turn, affects your safety and sense of security when you travel.


if you are traveling to post-conflict areas, areas of armed conflict or areas outside the control of a state, you must be ready to deal with many sorts of critical incidents. We cover both physical and psychological aspects of your safety.


High-Risk Environment Awareness Training

On the HEAT-course, you learn how to act according to relevant risks and take the right precautions. Even though the A in HEAT stands for Awareness, we aim to give you much more than awareness. We believe that it is more important for you to learn to change your behavior so that your safety while traveling is increased. Your awareness is part of it but you might avoid many critical situations by actively taking responsibility for your safety when you travel. Should you end up in a critical situation nonetheless, you also learn to deal with massive bleeding, terrorist acts, being under fire, hostage situations, road accidents and much more.


"Travel Safe" is designed to increase your safety on medium risk travels. Travel safety is about behaviour - not just knowledge or awareness. On "Travel Safe" you learn to plan you trip with a safety minset and to mitigate risks specific for your trip. We frequently have open trainings in Copenhagen - or we can come to your organization with a programme tailormade to help you and your employees travel safer.


Cultural competencies are extremely relevant for travelers safety. Culture is the perfect source of misunderstandings, misinterpretations, unintended insults, hatred, discrimination, disrespect and reasons to harm or kill others. We introduce you to an understanding of culture and intercultural communiation, we facilitate a discussion based on your experiences and advice you how to turn culture into an advantage instead of a disadvantage for your travel safety.


Do you feel confident that you can assist your driver or your colleague if he she gets injured on your trip abroad?  If you travel to medium or high-risk destinations, you should have an extended first aid course where you learn first aid based on the fact that it may be a long way from the nearest, competent help and possibly you yourself must transport the injured person. You learn, among other things, to stop massive bleeding, stabilize, repair fractures and treat snakebites. Most importantly is a thorough review of first aid at traffic accident – ​​as this is the most likely scenario for most travelers.


If a critical incidents occurs, the management team needs to be prepared to deal with it. Our Crisis Management Team (CMT) Training program focuses on learning and development through instruction and simulations in a feedback loop. The members of the CMT develop their understanding of their role in the team and build confidence in themselves and the team. We design the exercise to the specific organization to ensure that the context of the organization is taking into account and the challenges in the exercise is realistic and meaningful. 

The exercise is based on the crisis management plans of the organization and in the context of the exercise the focus is on developing the individual team member in their role as well as the cooperation in the team. After the exercise Travel&Risk provides a written feedback.