Travel&Risk offers travel safety training on an individual and organizational level.

Our services are meant for companies and NGOs whose employees travel outside of Europe and North America. We offer open trainings as well as customized courses to small and medium-sized companies and organizations.

No matter what the risk level is, Travel&Risk aim at creating a security-oriented, realistic, analytical mindset in your organization without generating unnecessary fears and concerns.

Travel Safety Training for any target group

We have open courses of a wide price range for all kinds of travelers: Journalists, photographers, NGO employees, consultants, volunteers – and we probably also have something that fits you and the risk level of your travels.

The list of open trainings counts: 

  • HEAT - High-Risk Environment Awareness Training
  • Re-HEAT - Two-day refresher course
  • Travel Safe – Seven hours of travel safety training
  • Remote First Aid for travelers
  • Female Traveler – online course
  • Online courses for young travelers

We develop your competencies as an individual and as an organization

Risk is uncertainty - safety is real

Policies, procedures and manuals

We can help your organization develop a meaningful and easy to apply travel security concept and design the organizational safety support to mitigate your risks and fullfill your duty of care.

We believe in simplicity and clarity in your security organization. Real safety is not in the text, but in the behavioural design and training.


Training should be the core of your duty of care concept. Employees who travels needs to be able to take care of their own safety and avoid critical incidents through risk mitigation meassures. The crisis management team also needs to feel confident that they can handle the incident, if it occurs. We train the traveller, the travel planner, the local security focal point and the management in risk mitigation and coping with critical incidents.

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